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Numerology vs Zodiac names?

by on Aug.31, 2011, under Name Numerology

Question by O_O: Numerology vs Zodiac names?
has anyone ever tried to do a numerology reading on zodiac names?
so what came up

if Scorpio was called a Gemini would its name still have the same sting?
i also noticed that the first sign of the zodiac starts with the letter “A” which is Aries, which is also the 1st letter of the alphabet.

Best answer:

Answer by Miss 6
I did once a long time ago, honestly I don’t remember what it said. It was interesting though that I do remember I’ll try to pull it up for you.

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Do you know who started zodiac signs, horoscopes and numerology?

by on Jul.13, 2011, under Numerology Horoscope

Question by Girl: Do you know who started zodiac signs, horoscopes and numerology?
Do you think someone or a group of people just made all this up based on nothing but what was in their heads?Why did people start believing in these things? Did they get these ideas from spirits? I don’t see where else they could have come from..unless the outer limits helped them. Did they say that “the gods” told them? How did it all begin?
xoco..Thanks for all the effort and time you put into your answer. That’s not exactly what I’m asking though. Just want to know..what,why ,and who started all this…in the very beginning. Does history tell us about those things? One person had to think about it first.

Best answer:

Answer by xocoyotzin76
Zodiac denotes an annual cycle of twelve stations along the ecliptic, the apparent path of the sun across the heavens through the constellations that divide the ecliptic into twelve equal zones of celestial longitude. The zodiac is the first known celestial coordinate system. There are two apparently independently-created zodiacs. Babylonian astrology, inherited by Hellenistic and Indian astrology, developed the zodiac of twelve signs familiar in the West. In Chinese astrology, months and years pass through a cycle of twelve animals that imply certain fortunes or misfortunes related to events occurring within those periods. The Chinese zodiac is not linked to constellations.

The etymology of the term zodiac comes from the Latin zōdiacus, from the Greek ζῳδιακός [κύκλος], meaning “[circle] of animals”, derived from ζῴδιον, the diminutive of ζῷον “animal”. However, the classical Greek zodiac also includes signs (also constellations) that are not represented by animals (e.g., Libra, Virgo, Gemini). Another suggested etymology is that the Greek term is cognate with the Sanskrit sodi, denoting “a path”, i.e., the path through which the Sun travels.

The zodiac also means a region of the celestial sphere that includes a band of eight arc degrees above and below the ecliptic, and therefore encompasses the paths of the Moon and the naked eye planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn). The classical astronomers called these planets wandering stars to differentiate them from the fixed stars of the celestial sphere (Ptolemy). Astrologers understood the movement of the planets and the Sun through the zodiac as a means of explaining and predicting events on Earth
Zodiac in astrology
Astrologers use astronomical observations of the movements of the night sky for divinatory purposes. The zodiac remains in use in modern astrology, though the issue of tropical astrology (used mainly by Western astrologers) and sidereal astrology (used mainly by Indian astrologers) is central. At issue in the debate is whether the signs should be defined in terms of zones derived from nodal points defined by Earth’s motion during a tropical year , or whether the signs should be defined in terms of signs roughly aligned with the constellations of the same name (for sidereal astrologers). This matters because of an astronomical phenomenon called the precession of the equinoxes, whereby the position of the stars in sky has changed over time. Therefore, over the centuries the twelve zodiacal signs in Western astrology no longer correspond to the same part of the sky as their original constellations, or their Indian counterparts. In effect, in Western astrology the link between sign and constellation has been broken, whereas in Indian astrology it remains of paramount importance

I hope this helps

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Q&A: 10 POINTS: For Zodiac buffs: Question about Virgo and Virgo compatibility..?

by on May.09, 2011, under Numerology Compatibility

Question by Diana Fierce: 10 POINTS: For Zodiac buffs: Question about Virgo and Virgo compatibility..?
Ok, so he was born on August 26 and me on September 11. So I’ve read that these two sign are a perfect match but chances are, they’re boring. But Numerology affects right? 26 (2+6=8) is a strong number and 11 (1+1=2) is a weak number. So, do we have differences? He’s August born Virgo with strong number and I’m a September born Virgo with a weak number.

Btw, I noticed that I’m too emotional for a Virgo. I mean it is said that were calm and kinda have a cold personality. But I’m not like that. I think my personality is more of Cancer/Scorpio. I have good sense of intuition Thanks! AND DON’T GO ANSWERING THAT ASTROLOGY IS CRAP OR ANYTHING. AGAIN, THIS IS FOR ZODIAC BUFFS ONLY. SO IF YOU’RE NOT AN IDIOT GO ANSWER OTHER QUESTIONS I’ll be looking forward your answers, have a good day :)

Best answer:

Answer by Falumple
There are many types of Numerology, not just with combining dates. You can do your names, too, and see if you don’t get something different. And last I saw, 2 isn’t that weak, is it? You should also do the whole birthday, too. Like I said, there are SEVERAL ways to configure numerology.

And you run the risk of “dating yourself” when you pair up with the same sign, sure. But what about your whole charts? Have you looked into that? Just because your Suns are Virgos, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re compatible at all. That may be the only thing you have in common with each other. You need to look at your Moons (emotions), you Venus (relationships and love), and Mercury’s (communication and thought) to see if you’re more compatible. The Sun is a good indicator, sure, but it’s not meant to mean the whole picture. More of a jumping off point, really. You can compare your charts here:

Or here:

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For Muslims—- Do you think that reading horoscopes ,or numerology or beleiving in zodiac sign and?

by on Apr.19, 2011, under Numerology Horoscope

Question by jenny: For Muslims—- Do you think that reading horoscopes ,or numerology or beleiving in zodiac sign and?
and tarrot cards just for the sake of curiosity.Is it Shirk.Is it a sin.If it is then it is the most unforgivable sin and we do it so often.

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Answer by soldiers of allah
this things r waste of time

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Do you know who started zodiac signs, horoscopes and numerology?

by on Mar.30, 2011, under Numerology Horoscope

Question by kk: Do you know who started zodiac signs, horoscopes and numerology?

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Answer by Matrix says Formula One is life
Astrology has it’s roots in ancient Babylon.

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