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do men like women who are real and honest about how they are feeling?

by on Jul.13, 2011, under Numerology Love

Question by Marti49: do men like women who are real and honest about how they are feeling?
I decided I had nothing to lose after my German man came to see me. He is going back to Germany this Friday, currently in another city. I sent him two emails straight from the heart. He has been deeply hurt in the past and has been taken financially. I got into his heart and now he wants to make sure we are a “good fit”. European men are very different as they are all about emotions. I am deeply in love with this man. My problem is (and nothing changes about issues no matter what age you are!!) I am now worried that he is upset as he has not indicated by email or otherwise that he is okay with the emails. He told me he was going to phone me before he left on Friday. It is Wednesday. He has asked me to wait and yes, he did tell me he loves me. He believes in numerology by the way and that is the reason he wants to sort things out. I am an Aries like his ex wife (who took a lot of his money). My daughter is telling me he is just scared.

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Answer by Lv Dr. 4U
Yup we sure do, a real man aint afraid of sharing emotions!

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