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Numerology and astrology: Are this Scorpio woman and this Leo man compatible?

by on May.25, 2011, under Numerology Love

Question by wilson w: Numerology and astrology: Are this Scorpio woman and this Leo man compatible?
When it comes to numerology are these people compatible?

Okay, I would appreciate anything — I’m the Scorpio so if you have any insight into the future or predictions, I’d love to hear them as well.

Scorpio woman info:
Birth: 30 October 1981 7:42 PM
Tampa, FL USA

Leo man info:
Birth: 1 August 1987
Omaha, NE USA

Are these two people compatible? Lots of sources say we aren’t, but so far we have been nothing but fantastic together. Thanks so much for your help. Any info is appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by Danger Danger
I’m a Libra and I’m a 5 or whatever in Numerology with 3 life path number and this guy I like is a Virgo with 1 and a 1 life path number so numerology wise me and him are compatible I suppose but astrologically speaking, not really, we have conflicting moon signs and we’re supposed to not be compatible according to a bunch of sources but we are.

You and your friend are too numerology wise but astrology wise not really.

Honestly I’m interested in what a lot of the internet says about my compatibilities with people but they are extremely disappointing especially since people I’m supposed to not go well with I’m wonderful with nonetheless.

I suppose no matter what the stars or numbers say, in the end it depends on the two people who are in love.

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Q&A: Scorpio Males?

by on May.10, 2011, under Numerology Compatibility

Question by Me ♥: Scorpio Males?
Have you ever been with a Scorpio guy?

If so, what was he like?

My boyfriend is a Scorpio and I’m a Capricorn. We make an amazing pair.

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Best answer:

Answer by celtic_rose213
I’ve *nearly* been with one… but I know what he was like. Too stubborn or maybe too scared to get hurt, to tell me how he felt. His loss.

But I still like him anyway, he was a great person :p

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What does the combination of cancer sign with scorpio ascendant infer in my natal chart? help please!?

by on Mar.23, 2011, under Numerology Chart

Question by : What does the combination of cancer sign with scorpio ascendant infer in my natal chart? help please!?
I was born on 11, sep 1985. my nakshatra is pushya. ascendant is scorpio. is this good combination? what kind of things we can understand by this presentation? I confuse lot about the cancer and scorpio. because, moon and mars are unfavourable combination as concern by Numerology. But, i dont know the relationship of this two planets in astrology point of view. please help me!

Best answer:

Answer by Danielle
ok well the ascendant sign is kinda like your second sign.. its your other personality
this would be a good combination.. cause cancer is a very calm.. not risky sign.. they dont like to take many chances and very to themselves.. but scorpio is the oppisite they are wild and outgoing and takes risks just cause they love the adrenaline.. prohibited is scorpios favorite word. so i guess the combination kind of balances everything out!

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