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Attention !! people born on 22 April?

by on Jul.20, 2011, under Numerology Love

Question by Vicky: Attention !! people born on 22 April?
I’m doing a numerology research on no. 4 & I exactly wanna know that how successful people born on 22 April (ie. birthday numerology no. 4 & month also 4) have been in there career, relationship, love/marriage, health & fortune.
Kindly share your life pattern, BUT please please be very honest.

Thanks you all dynamic Taureans in advance

Best answer:

Answer by Shadow
I didnt got a word u said.

But i was born in April 23

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April 12 1991, 8:23 PM?

by on Jun.06, 2011, under Numerology Horoscope

Question by WealthyNlove: April 12 1991, 8:23 PM?
I was born April 12 1991 at 8:23 PM. I would like to know any information about that day please?(Horoscope,Numerology,History,Facts,ect.) thank you

Best answer:

Answer by babydoll diva
Hi Aries my birthday is April 12th 1982. Also i no the years are different but heres a brief description of myself on the positive side I’m Kind hearted, very loveing, Smart very independent, and i will never ever start a fight or brawl but i will finish it if i happen to loose my cool. On the negative side I’m very short temperd, Very bold and straight to the point, I sometimes respond to people without takeing there feelings in to consideration, And some times i snap out at the drop of a dime if i really get agitated. But I would half to say i love being a aries as i have got older i have learned to calm myself more and don’t blow my top as fast. I also own my own business, Of course u no aries are Go getters and we have Huge Egooooo’s but long story short aries rock…………… :)

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