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Why do people believe in numerology, what is convincing about it?

by on Aug.24, 2011, under Name Numerology

Question by Sierra: Why do people believe in numerology, what is convincing about it?
I don’t understand how a name, something the ‘universe’ has no idea, nor role in can affect your character or life, so what is it about numerology that actually has believers?

Ex. If my name were Lynn how would it affect my personality or life if my name

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Answer by jad62
Physicists and astronomers do everything in numbers; look around you and see if you can find something not connected to numbers. Listen, it all just adds up. Btw, that girl is talking about you right now, and ironically, it involves “numbers”.

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  • Fire Burns

    It’s convincing in that it offers a supposed truth.

  • tolkienfan09

    Superstition, like anything else.

  • Ingsoc Aaron

    The convincing thing about numerology is probably that most people don’t understand numbers…

    But in any case what I think is really going on is people are always simply trying to make patterns out of things and trying to uncover reasons behind stuff. As a result they tend to get weird ideas occasionally and see things in stuff that isn’t there. I mean look up at the clouds, the fact that you can see shapes and animals in the clouds is a result of your ability to do this.

    Now if people can “make” a pattern out of numbers or they can see numbers in someone’s name. They wonder if there’s an underlying reason behind this. MOST OF THE TIME! It’s just pure coincidence, but people don’t like “chance” and “probability” so they often make stuff up or see stuff that isn’t there.

    I heard it’s actually a problem with some young mathematicians.
    Now most mathematicians don’t believe in numerology, because they’re smart and they understand numbers enough to know when they don’t mean anything. However often mathematicians who are just starting out have a similar problem because they’ll “accidentally” see patterns in the numbers they’re working with when there’s actually no pattern there and just random chance.

    The same is true for physics. I’m a physicist so I know this. What happens is scientists will see something peculiar in a graph or something and they’ll try to make sense of it (just as numerologists try to do with numbers). However often it’s just a random change in probability or a random fluctuation. (Recently, in a humorous attempt to show people this problem, a physicist found an H.S. in the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation and made the claim it was the Universe writing Steven Hawking’s initials. When in reality that H.S. is just a random result of statistics). See you can “see” a lot of things in numbers and data.

    And as a result of our ability to see “fake” patterns, and in order to keep people from making stupid mistakes by “seeing” stuff that isn’t there. Science has invented a very formulaic method of probability and standard deviations to be able to throw stuff out that isn’t true.

    So the point is.
    Numerology is appealing to people because they want to make sense of something they don’t understand, they want to connect the dots, they want everything to be connected in some way, and they want a reason behind everything. It’s pretty much just that and our natural ability to see “patterns and shapes” in things.

  • Keith

    It’s like any other religion, you see what you want to see..

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