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For Astrology & Numerology none believers !?

by on Jun.18, 2011, under Numerology Love

Question by milly_1963: For Astrology & Numerology none believers !?
From the day you are born till the day you die
You start with a number, your birth date
And then you are ruled buy the planets that is what makes your personality and why you are so unique.
Unless you was born as a twin even then depending on what time the second baby arrives you can still be unique.
“So this is my question” ?????????
Are you so afraid of what you may find out about yourself, that you are so closed minded ?
Because the Truth does hurt so to better yourself as a person you have to take all the negative traits and turn them into positive one’s, to better yourself.
Instead you would rather rubbish something you can’t except with ignorance instead of learning and growing as a person !

Love & Blessings

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Answer by lil_pinkmartian
No way i am all about astrology …my mind is a open !

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16 Comments for this entry

  • Closed

    whats the question?

    you are just advicing…

  • balans_99

    If there was any credible evidence then yes I would look into beleiving, but there isn;t anything at all to suggest it is true.

    Can you give me some proof?

  • funigyrl

    I’m not close minded, but I do not put store in astrology, numerology, or mysticism because it takes away the feeling that I have free will. I like feeling as though I am responsible for my own destiny.


  • maksthebarber

    are you telling some off?

  • TR

    That really wasn’t a question, and FYI i believe astrology can be accurate but is not the only factor in determining your personality

  • eaglehd1981

    Life is what YOU make it, not some number. I “better myself” in a “number” of ways. I am open-minded enough to not accept that my life is controlled by a number.

  • whozethere

    Sorry, I am lost in the posting . . . are you talking pro astrology and numerology or against?

  • ricky

    the astrologers went by the planets when they thought the earth was at the center of the solar system. thats when all the maps were drawn so all of it is wrong. everything is in the wrong place so its all fake.

  • chloe

    not afraid and i’m open-minded, but there’s just too many quacks in ur field.

  • witchfromoz2003

    I believe.

    I respect others rights not to

    We each have our own uniqueness

    Allow everyone to choose their own beliefs

    Blessed be

  • Pipe Organ Wolf

    I put no stock in numerology or astrology because I defy all the predictions made about me. I have yet to see any truth in those predictions. I find my Truth in Church, not the misguided ramblings of “psychics” with too much time on their hands.

  • ramola

    i just don’t believe in astrology & numerology. actually i have not tried to find a reason for it. when i see people running to astrologers whenever the r in trouble i feel sorry for them. instead of wasting money & time on astrologers they can think properly to solve the problems. most of the so called astrologers are fake. they just assume & tell something for money.may be there are real astrologers but for them we have to spend astronomical money. even what they predict may not come true.for me whatever should happen will happen . so , worry about it ?

  • smcin728

    My, my, you must have had a crappy horoscope today for you to be so judgmental and lecture us none-believers whom you know absolutely nothing about. I don’t believe it because it is a load of hooey. Call me a skeptic. We Virgos are supposed to be, aren’t we. Do you honestly think I am going to live my life according to what some so-called astrological expert says in twenty words or less in the daily newspaper? I have never had one ring true. Oh, by the way, I was born on the cusp of Leo and Virgo and neither one applies. And yes, I was born with a number. I was also born naked. But I’ve since learned a thing or two. I know more about myself than you ever will. Perhaps its time for you stop star-gazing and come down to reality.

  • billlucas14all

    Yes I am a “none” believer. It doesn’t bother me or influence me about what you believe. Always with hope, Lucas

  • Scott Rinke

    “Love & Blessings” after that, Milly? :)
    Well, I must say that you misuse the word “ruled” when you state your point. We simply aren’t ruled by planets, or I assume you meant, the actions and movements of them.
    What I WILL grant you though, is that heavenly bodies do have an impact on all organic systems. Gravity is a major player in the activity of anything with mass. Even each single person has a measure of gravity because he has mass. Where it becomes interesting is in things like tides. The moon pulls at the water in the oceans and creates enormous pulls in the tides. It would be foolish to think that humans, created 70% of water, are not similarly affected. Granted, the effect would be extremely small, but not totally absent. Plus, I will agree that the time of day and year do have an impact on a newborn. If a baby comes out of the neonate hospital, carried to the car in a -20 blizzard as his first experience in the world, it will have a different approach to one that comes out of the hospital on a beautiful spring day. Although miniscule, the effect is there.
    Now, numerology is a different matter. It is like saying black-haired people are smarter than brown-haired people. Numerology is fun to calculate, and it whittles down a complicated matter into one of simplicity and ease of use. But it carries little weight to the question of the larger picture. Not a ZERO one, but a very small one, like Astrology.
    So, I hope people aren’t, as you say, “afraid” of those ideas, since that would spell fear about what they aren’t informed of.
    But, in the end, how one person changes their negatives is a myriad of possibilities. If Astrology and Numerology have done that for you, then great. But I wouldn’t assume that what works for John will also surely work for Jack.

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