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What is more accurate: astrology or numerology?

by on Apr.26, 2011, under Numerology Chart

Question by blah: What is more accurate: astrology or numerology?
Hi, I’m kind of wondering about which is more accurate in terms of how they describe people.

In Astrology, I’m a pisces. They say I’m sensitive, feminine, shy, dependent, patient, and more. Well, I can honestly say that I’m quite sensitive to criticism, but I’m not really feminine. I may be shy at the start like a lot of normal people, but I did a lot theatre and I’m quite outspoken. I’m also an extrovert. I’m not clingy to others. I usually like doing things on my own when it comes to work but I love being around a lot of people too. I kind of like being in the spotlight haha.

My numerology number is 1. I don’t know what kind of number that is, but I think it’s my life-path number? Because I added all the numbers of my birthday. According to the number 1 description, I’m the most individualistic of all numbers. I’m what you call a “leader”. According to a website, I’m courageous, independent, ambitious, driven, goal-oriented, and all that.

My numerology and astrology descriptions are both kind of contradictory. The weaknesses of number ones are being selfish and impatient, whereas a pisces is both generous and patient. Personally, I think numerology describes me better than astrology? What are your thoughts on which describes you better?

Also, I want to know which has a more accurate compatibility chart. Is it more accurate if you’re compatible in an astrological sense or numerological sense? Thank you!

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Answer by neftcleft
Neither, they’re both made up to make you feel better about your life, and to stop suicides, because someone might think they’re going to meet someone at the end of June when they actually never will and die alone with alot of cats

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  • Intensified Moon

    * First, you haven’t gone into much depth with either one of them. There is so much more to a personality than the sun sign. You are influenced by all the planets and all the signs in your birth chart. If one is drawn up for your time, place and date of birth, it will apply only to you. In my small experience with numerology, it seems to me that it is very much like astrology., My numerology said many of the same things as my chart. I think they are consistently on message with each other. Maybe more research would be good for you. Try

  • Mark VII Limited

    Nothing should ever replace sound reasoning judgment but I find both interesting.
    I think astrology is a little more accurate.
    I like the books by Gary Goldschneider he mixes numerology into astrology very well

  • Both are effective and like Been There said, you haven’t gone into the depths of studying either of these arts so how would you know which is more accurate. In astrology, all you know is that you’re a Pisces, your Sun sign. But what about your Moon, Mercury, Venus, and all the other planets in signs? Numerology is also more than just one number. You have a life path number, soul urge number, destiny number, etc. You can also do numerology on phone numbers, addresses, dates, years, etc.; anything that involves numbers. Also, to mention that astrology has many branches besides just natal or sun sign astrology.

    I personally like astrology more for various reasons, but your preference might be different.

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