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The numbers of study, commonly known as numerology can be the easiest way to open and reveal the secret of the future. It is believed that the date and month of birth may influence the individual personality traits and events of his life. This branch of astrology is a lot of followers and supporters who believe strongly that the date of birth preaching future is completely accurate and credible.

Numerology gives each person a specific number based on date of birth or name and believes that this number can control and determine all aspects of the life of the person, including the nature, skills, talents, education, occupation, achievements , loss, family, finances, health and emotional state. Numerology and birth dates of the prediction of future help us understand our strengths, strengths, weaknesses and negative aspects and the main obstacles in our lives.

Birthday Numerology prediction the future is based on the universal law that everything in this universe is energy and is in constant motion. Therefore, every object, whether earthly or spiritual, has its own vibration. The figures also vibrate and each number has its own frequency of vibration that gives unique characteristics and properties. Numerology is a strong advocate that if you calculate the rate of vibration of the number of births, it is possible to make precise and accurate predictions of the future by date of birth.

Numerologists believe in the divine power of numbers and their ability to influence the course of events in the universe. Factor in future workshops, date of birth, you know what the job is for you if you get a job, what is the best time to start or invest in the business, when you get married, what is the color of happiness, and which is your lucky stone. You can give an idea of ​​your past, present and future. And provided expert numerologist can definitely give a workshop on the future true date of birth and to help you find the weaknesses and obstacles that impede your progress in life.

In fact, it is very interesting to know how the numerology and provides for the future by date of birth and ideas in the character of an individual’s personality and life. Numerology suggests that behavior, character, quality and defects of a person can be understood by knowing the number of their way of life, which is the sum of the date of birth of that person. The number of walks of life can be determined by the sum of the date, month and year of birth, and then reducing the resulting amount to a single digit. For example, the number of walks of life of a person born December 12, 1974 is 12 +12 = 1974 1998, 1 +9 +9 +8 = 27, then 2 +7 = 9.

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