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Numerology: Numbers Attached to our Daily Lives!

by on Mar.03, 2011, under Numerology Horoscope

Did you experience acquiring your numerology report? What happen when you have it? Do some things implicates into your life? Does the Number affects your life? If yes, congrats! You encounter an expert numerologist. In ancient time until now, numbers are very important in our every day life. Numbers always play an important role because without numbers, we might not working like we are today. In all aspects of life, numbers are accompanied by it.

From a simple counting of numbers turn to the basic applications of numbers like addition and subtraction, from a simple abacus that turns to the overwhelming invention of computers, and from the nature of numbers turn to the significance of it that connects into the life of humans. If we deal on scientific study, numbers had a great deal to human because of the useful concept of it in everyday life of people. That’s why there is a numerology which is known study of numbers that introduce by Pythagoras.

If we talk on numbers on how it affects into the life of people, its a quite interesting because of the hidden conceptuality of it like what psychic tools used too. Yeah! Even numerology used by psychic to read the destiny or future of a certain individuals. But how accurate it is? There’s only one answer for that. All things in the world are not perfect. That’s why, the answer to that is indefinite. Maybe its true or false. The attachment of numbers into the life of people are varies in concept which an individual wanted to have a perfect answer.

Numerologist nor psychic might explain to you its attachment of numbers into individual’s life but they’re not give the data on how it was really connect or attach. Well, in this matter, I’m dealing with my opinion that numerologist can compute the ability of numbers to give us numerology report but they cannot explain how we connect on every numbers. Some psychic says or what so ever numerologist says: How can they explain, if you cannot understand? That is a psychic matter, if you don’t have power, you can’t understand the attachment. The only thing that you can do is to believe. Yes, believe. Believe is the only matter that we can assure of the effectivity of those numbers in our life. Like I always said, nothing will happen if you BELIEVE into those things.

If we deal on common sense, numbers is probably attach into us because of each usage into our everyday life accompanied into our job, leisure, etc. In short, we used numbers in mathematical concept of our life. So if we deal on numerology, its just like horoscopes that we deal on the other concept of our dimensional thinking that brought dealing with the meaning of every things that gave to us by psychic individuals.

For me, dealing with numbers in numerology aspect is a worth effective also like horoscopes. It serves as the guidance for us in order to keep ourselves in performing right duty in a certain moment of our life.

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