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Q&A: I want to change my name according to numerology. Any one suggest new name using numerology?

by on Feb.20, 2011, under Name Numerology

Question by suraj_d_sun: I want to change my name according to numerology. Any one suggest new name using numerology?
BD: 12/4/1980
Name; Suraj Madanlal Bora
My life path is 7& destiny is 1 its different not helpful 2 eachother as per numerology. But i dun knw how 2 modify my name according 2 numerology. So please help me if any1 knw how 2 modify & suggest new name.

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Answer by priya
The name u hold is already fixed by God in heaven.It will give u nothing if u change by numerology.It all depends upon u and ur beleives.have trust on u,work hard, live peacefully dont trust these numerology and all.

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  • serpentqueen13

    To modify, simply add up the numbers in your name and break them down in the same way you did to get your numbers
    ex. Suraj=4 Madanlal=8 Bora=4
    And your name already breaks down to a 7. What exactly are you trying to get? 7 is a number of completion and corresonds to your life path.

  • kish

    Hello Suraji,

    I run a website called AstroStar Numerology and you can find me at

    I specialise in Numerology, name and birth date compatibility flows in particular. If you go to my site and click on the page entitled ‘Number Meanings’
    then scroll down to the pink paragraphs ( there are 4 to read in total) you can find out what type of energy flows between your core aspects – Life Path vs. Expression (Destiny) and Life Path vs. Soul Urge (heart’s desire), Soul Urge vs. Outer Personality and Soul Urge vs. Expression numbers. I have included some very thorough information I think would answer you question and all for free.

    However, just to give you a taster:

    Suraj Madanlal Bora gives a Number 1 Expression (Destiny), a Number 5 Soul Urge (Heart’s Desire) and a Number 5 Outer Personality.

    In my long-term studies of Numerology and experience with people, your profile has huge potential as it stands. I to believe you can not alter your blueprint however, I do believe with the correct knowledge and understanding you can unlock certain restricted energy flows within your life.

    You are absolutely spot on with your name number 1 being too low against your Life Path number 7, which can dictate an ineffectiveness that can lead to much frustration!

    ‘For easy success in life your Expression (Destiny) number should be higher than your Life Path number as you have not yet reached the height of consciousness it is now your desire to reach. It feels as if you are travelling in a new country and the road is difficult for you to find (metaphorically speaking). But when you are living at your best, you will always find the world ready to lend you a hand, but as you seldom understand your plan of life, you are often inclined to complain of the many hardships you find in the way and many failures you make. When you realise this you will rely upon the advice of those who have made higher rates of consciousness, and it is therefore the Masters duty to realise that they are your teachers in life’.
    Excerpt from the book by Mrs L. Dow Balliett

    What this indicates is that your life will throw you abundant experiences in order for you to further develop the necessary skills (your ‘tools of the trade’), through specific opportunities that are available to you. However, whilst it is easy to get one foot in the door, keeping that door open is an almost impossible task to accomplish. Having to literally ‘learn as you go’ by the skin of your teeth! Puts pressure and stress into your life, yet the opportunities you are presented with are simply much too good to turn down, even though they seem above your capability at the time! What you have to realise is that you need to learn to evaluate carefully what is plausible and within your limits and what are not in order to avoid becoming a Jack of All Trades and Master of None. Stick with the challenges your life offers, one-by-one and you will gradually learn the things you originally thought impossible and taste the success you only dream about now. The whole point to what you are being asked to do is to appreciate how lucky your life can be at times, and often in mysterious and unusual ways! Learn not only to mould your talents slowly but surely, but to also enjoy your challenges in the process – for better or worse. In the end and with persistence you will reach the level you aspire to. It just takes time.

    The good news is because all your numbers are odd they are actually in harmony with each other. Your 5 Soul Urge and 5 Outer is a blessing, Your Life Path and Birthday are beautifully aligned, Life Path vs. Soul Urge and your Outer Personality and Life Path match…you have to go to my site to read on this further.

    Your challenge is therefore concentrated in the area of: focus and patience over time in order to learn the skills that are currently lying dormant and probably unfulfilled. These are your key words and with that knowledge anything is possible. You are truly blessed….

    To find out if you are running on the positive, negative or destructive side of your numbers, on the same page – Number Meanings, scroll to the third paragraph (in yellow) and read your applicable numbers from all your core aspects … The Number 7 Life Path, 5 Soul Urge and Outer, 1 Expression (Destiny) and 12 Birthday which will be the number 3. If you are bending more towards the negative you now have the opportunity to pull yourself up towards the positive – it’s all in the attitude!

    Good Luck.

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