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How do the Destiny number and Life Path number work together (in numerology)?

by on Feb.19, 2011, under Numerology Meanings

Question by Mary Peterson: How do the Destiny number and Life Path number work together (in numerology)?
I’m curious about numerology and have discovered that my Destiny number is 6 and my life path is 5. I know the individual meanings but I am not completely clear on what that means about me (as in how they manifest themselves in me) and I am especially interested in what they mean as a pair, combined making them more specific. Thanks you for any help!

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Answer by hotcheetos
its not that they work together its actually just 2 diffrent features bout you

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  • numerologist

    I differ little bit from previous answer posted by someone. This is true that two numbers are different. Where lifepath number is major lesson to learn in numerology destiny number has the most direct influence upon your happiness.As you wrote your lifepath number is 5, it indicates you hate to be calculative.There are many drawbacks with this number, which can be compensated with your destiny number.An authentic numerologist may guide you with how to compensate those drawbacks with destiny number 6 which say you are civic minded and happy to be cooperative.
    There must be a harmony among all the numbers of you.Here one gets the advantage of knowing numerology over others.

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